About Us

Diehl House of Diamonds Inc. is associated with one of the largest diamond manufacturers in the world and has affiliations with some of the finest jewelers in the United States. We provide unique and unparalleled service through our private office setting without the expense and overhead of a public storefront. The savings are passed on to you. We are confident that we can offer exceptional values on loose diamonds, fine jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands.

Diehl House of Diamonds Inc. does not advertise in the traditional sense, but instead relies upon its reputation and standing in the community for quality jewelry and diamonds at exceptional prices. Our reputation is spread by word of mouth and through social media. There are no advertising costs. Again, the savings are passed on to you. All we ask is that you spread the word and tell your family and friends about your experience with us.

All of our loose diamonds and fancy colored diamonds are GIA, HRD or EGL certified. We strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and provide only the best loose diamonds, precious stones, rings and jewelry to all our customers. Our vast and exclusive network enables us to provide our customers with products that stun and dazzle with the highest quality and lowest prices. All of this is offered in a non-threatening, no-pressure environment that will bring a smile to your face.

Return Policy

Diehl House of Diamonds offers our customers a full refund within 15 days of purchase.  We are happy to offer a store credit 30 days after the 15 day full refund policy.  Trade-ins are handled on an individual basis and can only be applied to the original and initial purchase.  No refunds or store credit will be issued on trade-ins.  Layaways after six months will be treated as a first-time purchase.